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A Blueprint for Family, Friends and Caregivers.

Creating a sense of control for final days, the Vigil Plan is a flexible document that is created by the person who is dying with the guidance of their EOL Doula.

Anonymous Vigil Plan

If you are visiting me, conducting vigil or here to take care of me, please do your best to follow these elements of my vigil plan.

-To help create a sacred space, please remove your shoes as you enter the bedroom.

-Ask me if I'd like it to be quiet or if I'd like you to read to me or talk to me.

-Keep medical supplies stored in a different room until they are required.

-I’ve collected my favorite photos and placed them on the dresser. Please keep fresh flowers in the vase in front of them.

-Feel free to read to me from my book of travels that’s on the nightstand.

-Welcome my dog into the room and onto my bed if he’s interested.

-Feel free to slide your hand under mine, please don’t touch my feet.

-Encourage my partner to rest next to me in bed.

-If possible, please wheel me outside to be in the fresh air, or open a window to let in the air.

-Play music from the CD’s I’ve placed by the player. If it’s something we’ve shared together, choose it!

-Say whatever comes straight from your heart.

This type of document takes 3-4 hours to prepare. 

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