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End-of-Life Doula Services, LLC

Providing compassionate conversation, education, & preparation for end-of-life.

An End-of-Life What?

What is an End-of-Life Doula?

A doula is an assistant who provides emotional support to a person in a life transition. In the case of dying, we provide planning support early in the diagnosis, vigil support during the active dying phase and follow-up support for loved ones 2-4 weeks after the death.

INELDA Certified

INELDA is the International End of Life Doula Association. 22 hours of classroom training are supplemented by volunteer work with Providence Hospice of Oregon and hours of post training learning.
Learn more at www.inelda.org 

How can an EOL Doula help me?

We provide accessible and personal support tailored to your unique circumstances . Doula services is designed to help you and your family feel less scared, overwhelmed and alone.   There is no blue-print for dying; we will help you navigate this complex process.

How did we get here?

​​End-of-Life Doula Services was founded by Christine Borchert in 2015. Here’s a little more about her journey.

"After walking with three immediate family members from diagnosis to death, two from cancer and one from ALS, I felt an overwhelming desire to provide support for other families facing this challenging road. My search for how to help the dying and their loved ones in a non-medical modality led me to INELDA, The International End of Life Doula Association. Their description of an end-of-life doula was exactly what I was looking for. I quit my job, bought a plane ticket and flew to New Jersey to join the first non-hospice based training that INELDA offered to the public. During the last two years, I have logged hundreds of volunteer hours with both Providence and Signature Hospice. 

After achieving certification from INELDA in October 2016, I began providing end-of-life doula support to private clients. I feel honored to be invited into the homes of people facing a terminal diagnosis. We talk, laugh, and cry as we explore the questions that dying raises. You'll find me open, non-judgemental and ready to meet you where you are. 

Experience has shown me that time spent developing a relationship between the doula and the dying person creates trust, and this trust allows for open conversations and emotional movement up until the very end of life. 

I will use the time spent early on in diagnosis getting a sense of WHO the dying person is. We'll use this conversation time to consider creating a legacy project and a vigil plan. Both of these serve many purposes. They open conversations within the family. They lower anxiety for the dying person. They give the dying a sense of control just as they feel they are losing all control. 

A legacy project is a way of preserving personal history. What is the spiritual and emotional inheritance that you want to leave? Whatever form the legacy project takes, it will continue to offer family and friends the opportunity to grow their internal relationship with the person who died. This relationship can change and deepen over time.

A vigil plan is a flexible blueprint, created specifically for and by an individual. It helps the creator contribute to how the final days unfold and gives them a calming sense of control.

As the disease progresses, I will be available to provide respite support for the caregivers. I'll focus on honoring the vigil plan and helping the family through the final stages of life. I'll help you understand what's happening physically, allow rest for the caregivers and provide a neutral sounding board for worry, joy, grief, fear, and love. I’ll care for the support team by encouraging story-telling, self-care, and reflection.

I am available to provide last-minute support and can work in a private home, care home or hospital.

I’m pleased to be teaming up with three local end-of-life doulas. Together we will be able to offer more comprehensive support during the vigil, or active dying time.

Support At Any Level

Sliding scale available, Please inquire.


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If you are experiencing an urgent need for support of a dying loved-one call NOW.

Our team of EOL doulas are available most hours of the day. Calls will be answered within 12 hours whenever humanly possible. 

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Support and Services

From initial, informational phone call to planned ritual after the final breath, from creating a legacy project from what you treasure and assisting in lightening your material load, an end-of-life doula brings HEART  to your end of life planning and experience.

Private Client Testamonial

"If you realize that you have the need for reassurance on life and tender loving company, ask Christine to come into your home and your heart. Christine will help you understand the kind, soft workings of your being. She will let you open up and make you feel good about yourself. Christine is an absolute blessing that you will be thankful to share." -testamonial written by hospice patient NB 9/2016

Letter Writing Special

Letter writing is a straight-forward, meaningful way to provide a legacy element for your family. Taking half an hour to work with an end of life doula to create a personal letter to a loved one is time well spent for both the writer and the family member. Leaving your thoughts, big or small, personal, philosophical or faith based, for family members to engage with over and over allows relationships to deepen, even after your death. It also eases end of life anxiety, knowing you've said your piece. 

With this special offer, you can dictate a letter over the phone that will be hand written on plain stationary and mailed to the address you designate. Gentle prompting and questioning will guide you in expressing your feelings if this is challenging for you.

A copy of the letter will be mailed to you upon request.

This is a perfect gift to give to a family member facing a terminal diagnosis. It's also a great gift for your aging family members who may be challenged with the physical aspects of writing.​

Please schedule via phone or message.  

Cost: 30 minute call- $28

60 minute call- $45

How is this different than hospice?

We provide: 

- support before a terminally ill patient enters hospice. 

- longer periods of support time during transition and active dying. 

- support to patients who access Death with Dignity. 

- more availability than either chaplains or social workers which allows us to do things with more depth and continuity.  

- vigil planning and legacy work. More time allows us to do our work in a focused, intentional and calm way.

- assistance making a legacy project concrete, not just a concept. 

- guided visualization work. This is complementary to medicine and specific to the dying individual. 

- support in an individual’s private home, retirement/care home or hospital. 

-family and doula follow-up meetings 2-4 weeks after the death.