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A terminal diagnosis sets you on a path unimaginable by those not on it. We understand the powerful impact open conversations around dying can have. Let us help you create a death plan that reflects your values. We can boost your support network if you want to die at home and help you leave your family with tools that foster resilience in their grief.

Support for a loved one?


Are you seeking new approaches to end of life planning for your failing loved one? We can coach YOU, helping you bring ideas and openness to the conversation. Sometimes just being nudged in a new direction can make all the difference. We'll talk about pre and post death choices.

Long distance support?


Yes, you can give the gift of an End-of-Life Doula to your friends and family afar. If you've experienced the support of a doula you understand the deep, meaningful gift you can give someone you love who is too far away for you to support in person. Call us, we'll create a unique plan for you.

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