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Support for yourself?

Support for a loved one?

Support for a loved one?

A terminal diagnosis can set you on 

a path unimaginable. We understand the powerful impact that open conversations around dying can have. 

Would you like to create a death plan that reflects your values? 

Are you looking to boost your support network if you want to die at home? 

Are you hoping to leave your family with tools that foster resilience in their grief? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then an End-of-Life Doula can help you.


Support for a loved one?

Support for a loved one?

Support for a loved one?

Are you seeking new approaches to end of life planning for your failing loved one? 

We can coach YOU, helping you 

bring ideas and openness to the conversation. 

Sometimes just being nudged in a new direction can make all the difference. 

We'll talk about pre- and post-death choices.


Long distance support?

Support for a loved one?

Long distance support?

Yes, you can give the gift of an End-of-Life Doula to your friends and family from afar. 

If you've experienced the support 

of a doula, then  you understand

 the deep, meaningful gift you can give someone you love who is too far away for you to support in person. 

Call us, we'll create a unique plan for you and those you love.


"My father was given a terminal diagnosis of brain cancer.  

Once I met with Christine I breathed a sigh of relief.  She encouraged me to ask questions, be open, encourage dad to talk and, us to listen. She told us how important doing a “legacy project” could be for us and for dad, as it would give us something for him to remember and for us to talk about.  She was right, it was the vehicle we needed – it helped him as much as it helped us.  She provided a strength and foresight about the process that helped alleviate so much fear for us. 

I have since started my own end of life planning and while I’m not in dire need right now, I’m so glad that Evening Star and others that are called to do this work are out there.  We need them."

Carolyn B


Engaging Evening Star's Services

Wondering how to work with us?

Perhaps you recognize that you and/or your family need some end of life support. Feelings of overwhelm and anxiety may be taking a toll. Fear and grief are weighing down your days. Exhaustion is rearing it's head and, really, you just want to spend your time loving your people.

We get that. We've experienced it. We are here to help.

When you choose to engage with Evening Star you can count on robust, educated, dedicated, and compassionate service from a team of EOL Doulas.

Upon reaching out to us and confirming that our services are appropriate, we'll schedule a 60-90 minute assessment interview, either in person or by phone. The cost for this interview ($120.00) will be rolled into whichever package you decide to choose. 

We offer two (2) packages:

A 6-hour package focused on serving people seeking help in supporting their loved one.

A 24-hour package that focuses support directly for the person facing end of life as well as their support team.

Hourly coaching appointments are also available for those seeking an understanding of end of life documentation, or for support with Advance Directive paperwork. 

Package pricing starts at $695.

Get Started

Call to let us know what kind 

of support you are seeking. 

Calls about urgent needs are always welcomed, we'll support you as our schedule allows. 

Death is a part of Life. The period before death is rich and ripe with opportunity for healing.  

Call Today.   


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